Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turistas Estúpidos y Puros Cubanos

The title of this blog is the secret code used by cigar merchants outside of the United States.

When traveling, I usually pack a few cigars to enjoy during the evening hours. On my recent trip to Aruba my supply of cigars dwindled quickly. Watching those beautiful sunsets meant lighting more than one each night. I headed down to the hotel store to check out their cigar menu. They had only one brand and three sizes of it; the famous Cuban Cohiba. Now I needed some cigars but wasn't desperate enough to spend 25 dollars for the smallest one. I politely said no thanks and walked to the downtown area. Before my eyes appeared a cigar store lit up like a Las Vegas attraction. I moved in like a moth to a lightbulb at night; more Cohibas at 25 bucks a pop. I asked if they had any Dominicans or Nicaraguans and they looked at me as if I was crazy. I was told to go to their sister store down the road a bit. I was now on a mission to find an Ashton or a Rocky Patel. I would even settle for a Nat Sherman or a Gurkha. That other store, Cuban Cohibas. I gave in and bought a Siglo #2 for 25 dollars. Was it worth it? No, but it was better than smoking coconut skins. Was it really from Cuba? I hope so for the price I paid for it. I did however enjoy watching all the other tourists getting suckered in like me.

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  1. I have whats left of a whole box of Cohibas. Esplendidos, my fav. Guy I got them from owed me money for a house repair I did for him, asked me if I liked cigars. You paid $25 EACH??