Saturday, August 31, 2013

Angry Motorists

When I lived in New York City there wasn't a day when I screamed off about a Jersey driver and it seemed that most of my fellow New Yorkers felt the same way. Then, when I moved to New Jersey I yelled at the lousy New York drivers and it seemed that most my fellow New Jersey compadres felt the same way as I did with one addition; they couldn't stand the Pennsylvanian drivers as well. The Connecticut drivers can't stand the Massachusetts drivers as they say they drive like maniacs and the Massachusetts drivers can't stand the New Hampshire drivers as they drive to slow. Everyone hates the Florida drivers because they are too old and can't see and everyone is afraid of the Texas drivers because they believe they're all packing weapons. In California there isn't a day when a bunch of police cars are chasing somebody down the Freeway.

I'm sure there are many more complaints about other states but is there at least one where all drivers are accepted for who they are?


  1. I have never operated a motor vehicle in NYC, nor do I ever intend to. I have witnessed enough of the antics of drivers in that fair city to know that to do so would likely cause me to land in jail on a murder charge. I have driven a car several times in NJ, but usually just enough to get me to and from Jamesburg, NJ and the Newark Airport. What I remember most about those trips is trying to get some slovenly, give-a-Shiite, probably unionized gas station attendant to fill the gas tank of my rental car in time for me to make it to the airport and make my flight.

    I have driven in Florida many times over the years. Apparently, by some standards, I was too old then and am certainly too old now to be doing that! Furthermore, I am usually behind the wheel of a 40-foot, twenty-ton motor home, with less than 20/20 vision and wearing out-of-date spectacles, with the radio blaring, which I can barely hear anyway because my hearing is so poor.

    Here in Georgia we are much like the Texans. That is, packing heat...armed and dangerous. But somehow that seems to cut way down on road rage and car hijacking. Makes folks a little more polite, don'tcha know. Furthermore, it allows drivers here to accept one another for what they are, you know...ass holes.

    1. Being as how I am in south Georgia now, having experienced the joys of NY/FL/NJ and most other states, except Alaska.
      I have to agree with you Larry!!
      ps> How you doing anyway
      Don Bailey